Dental health, as we all know, is as essential as our overall health. Everyone needs to ensure that their dental health gets maintained and preserved so that it won’t interfere with our overall well-being. However, there is still so little information and support that we can get from our government about our dental needs. That is why private dental insurance companies offer different perks, including the no gap dental policy.


No gap dental policy: Why do I need it?

We know that dental expenses can be high. Although this is already a given, Medicare does not cover all dental-related care, procedures, or supplies, such as teeth cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, or use of dentures, plates, and other dental devices. They have a provision though called Medicare Part A or the Hospital Insurance that will compensate for specific dental services that one needs when in a hospital. Part A can also pay for inpatient hospital care if you need to have an emergency or a more complex dental procedure.


No gap dental policy: How does it work?

There are different private insurance companies that offer dental coverages with limited benefit limit. These benefit limits are different per procedure and are relative to the annual limit set by the insurance company. However, the cost of some dental procedures goes beyond the limit and may entail out-of-pocket charges for the exceeding fee; that is called a gap.


A no gap dental policy diminishes this out-of-pocket charge and pays for the whole procedure. If your dental insurance plan has this extras cover, you would not have to worry about the cost of preventative treatments such as teeth cleaning, x-rays, and fluoride treatment because this benefit automatically covers it.


No gap dental policy: Do I need to consider anything else?

No insurance company offers the same no-gap dental policy privilege. They each have their own way of making it easier for their members to avail of the dental procedures. Here are some points you need to discuss with your insurer to clearly understand your coverage.



The dental procedures. There are some private insurance companies who offer different coverages, but some also cover different dental procedures. Make sure that your desired private dental insurance covers most of the dental procedures you need. This will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of being insured.




Your dentist. Many insurance companies have what they call participating providers, dental professionals who accept your insurance as your payment for the dental services they offer. They already have special arrangements with the insurance company, so be sure that your dentist is part of this network, so you know that you are not wasting your money while getting insured.


The annual and benefit limits. The annual limit is the maximum amount your insurer is willing to pay for a given year. The benefit limit is the amount per procedure that your insurer sets as a cap. Know the details about your dental procedure and relate this to your insurance’s conditions, so availing of your dental treatments is hassle-free and convenient.


Now that dental insurance is already considered a necessity and many insurance companies in Australia begin to offer them for an affordable price, we must take advantage of its perks and benefits so we can effectively take good care of our teeth.


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