When you think about your family, you will always want to give them the best. So when we talk about family dental care, it is no surprise that everyone can be very interested. Here, we give you tips on how to better care for your family’s dental health. Some you may have been practicing for a long time, some you may need to add to your regimen, while some just need a little more reinforcement.


Family dental care tip #1 Start them young

Research has it; a growing number of kids already have tooth decay at a very early age. Even their deciduous or baby teeth get damaged by cavities. So, as soon as the first tooth of your baby erupts, start brushing or wiping their tooth with a very soft-bristled brush or a clean wet cloth. This practice is the best way to prevent tooth decay. You can also have their teeth sealed using fissure sealants or apply fluoride while their teeth are still young. Discuss these steps with your trusted dentist so they can advise you which preventative dental treatment is applicable to your child.


Family dental care tip #2 Do it regularly

Brush at least twice a day. Floss daily. Use mouthwash as often as possible. Change your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. These activities if done regularly can reduce the possibility of developing dental problems including tooth decay, gum problems, and bad breath.


Family dental care tip #3 Be food smart

Choose healthier foods than sugary or acidic ones like sweets and other carbonated drinks. It is a known fact that sugary foods, when broken down, produces an acid that attacks the surface or the enamel of the tooth, speeding up the process of decaying or damaging the teeth. It is the same principle that makes fruit juices, sodas, and other carbonated beverages bad for our teeth.  Moreover, always chew your food well, so food particles stuck in between teeth may be lessened.


Family dental care tip #4 Mouthguards

We all know how kids can be too adventurous and fearless sometimes. They expose themselves to rough outdoor activities that if an accident occurs, it may cause injury not only to his teeth but also to other parts of his body. So aside from wearing helmets and other protective gears during active contact sports, use mouthguards to shield their teeth. Customised mouthguards from your trusted dental practice are best since it is custom-fitted to your teeth, but you can also find customisable mouthguards at your local sporting goods. You only need to put the soft mouthguard in hot water, and it will snugly fit your mouth.



Family dental care tip #5 Visit your dentist regularly

There is nothing better than to have someone check up on you every once in a while. We all know it is hard to visualise the insides of your whole mouth. You need someone else to inspect even those hard to reach areas, right? Having a regular dentist assures you that a professional monitors your family’s overall dental health and would address all your needs and concerns thoroughly. He can also detect hard to notice signs and symptoms of dental problems like gum infections and oral cancer.


Caring for your teeth need not be complicated and inconvenient. Following these steps and doing your dental care regimen regularly will lower your risk for developing dental diseases and tooth decay. Now, all of you in the family can smile brightly for a long time.

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